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by Violation

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released July 29, 2008



all rights reserved


Violation Ventura, California

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Track Name: No Solace
I stay away
from the outside world
Restless thoughts
no essence to reality
separate myself from the rest

Life and death, is all the same to me
no solace in this hell you call life
overwhelming odds that i cant face
mankind, the curse i cant erase

Blinded by the sun
Shrouded by darkness
thought it was the end
death keeps creeping in

Face to face with my demise
evil voices, hear their cries
desolate life, existence fades
devoured, lowered into the grave
Track Name: That Which Has No End
Echoes, of the forgotten past
the end, claiming all, in its path

They will never cease, never decay
They will never stop, cant be blamed
A slave to what i cannot name
I cannot name

Relentless, the beasts I cant contain

I, cant numb the pain
Voices as dead as god, keep me in chains
Jagged teeth gnaw at my heels
Beckoning the end, agony is all I feel

Feeling the scorn of the world
Track Name: Disillusioned
All sanity slipping away
You keep digging your own grave
Won't follow the scheme, I'll shatter the mold
Try to numb the pain as the end unfolds

Forced to fight
Fight to survive
Survivals an illusion
As we prepare to die
Just prey in this world
Our steady decline
Nothing but a fools disguise

Set me free
From this mad, this mad world I see
All that lies ahead
The beginning of the end
As chaos reigns
No one remains

No one wins
Cut down in our path
One with darkness
Into the death trap
Crawling my way to the surface
No one wins
Track Name: Low and Behold
Swallow the lie
Fall up to the sky
Bear witness to truth on your way out
Victim of fraud
Only selfish eyes
Fuel faith, detest all doubt
Mortalize, immortal lies
Justify this, moral drought
Humbled by your alibi

Power in shame, one in the same

All hope
No truth
Infinite pursuit

So blind
Oppress those of your kind

Rules of your design

Your faith
Demise within your fate

Killing fields
On either side
Sworn against beliefs you base your life about
Saving face with your disguise
Deceit, lie and cheat
Forced down the throat, rather choke
Out casting all of those who don't comply
Track Name: Disembodied
Consciousness, disease of the mind
Tossing and turning, desperate for sleep
In a bed of broken glass

Slashed and severed, beaten and battered
Begging for the hope that we seek
Threatened and tortured, deceived and detoured
Fabricated to be weak

Absence, without meaning we rot forever
Waiting and waiting, searching for anything
In a sky of emptiness

Separation, disembodied existence
Consciousness, disease of the mind
Dehumanization, convinced of deathlessness
Absence, without meaning we rot for all of time
Track Name: From the Depths
Can't ignore the beasts that lie beneath
Echoes from the depths seep up
Through the cracks in the concrete

These demons that thrive
Buried deep in our minds

The rusty gears of civilization
Move on with humanity
Overlooked, buried beneath
Track Name: Nuclear Frost
Shake, this worlds locked us all into our tombs
Impending doom
Chaos in our houses, in our streets
We never knew peace
Backed up against a wall
Looking up I realize

All I ever had brought nothing to me
Looking to the sky for the answer, it wont set you free

Purpose lost, nuclear frost
I cant see the signs
Blinded by the delusion of mankind

I'm done trying and I've finally learned
No point in looking for a way out
I've lost hope, I'm letting go
You're on your own

I shut my eyes, I cant screen it out
You, waste your time, crying out
We, fade away, not knowing peace
I clench my fists, help the shaking cease
Track Name: Raw Deal
Forced into the arms of a stranger
Forsaken in this life of anger
Given me a reason, a reason to fight
With your...disregard for life

Is this the way to live?
I've given all I can give
Got to live a life by my own way
I want to run and be free
From all the hurt that you caused me
You don't know what you don't see

Been given a raw deal
But how am I to feel?
Tearing through my head
Am I better off dead?
I'd love to stay
But you've left me with no leeway
You see you lost and I feel a gain

I have to finish what I start
In this life that's torn apart
Can't bullshit my way though
Track Name: Degenerate
Perpetuate my hatred
Disgust for all you do
Brood in your self denial
Point your finger back at you

Chained by your inhibitions
Drowning in solitude
Oblivious to reality
That you exclude

Desperate for some attention
A scrap of sympathy
Voiceless to those around you
Die out so quietly

Insist on paralysis,
Judgmental without a cause
Stagnant empowerment
Pride yourself on other peoples flaws

Truth, you've got nowhere to hide
You cant escape from the truth
There's only hate in your mind
And you're too blind, too afraid
Of what you will find
Track Name: No Life Awaits
Drones to a system we despise
Don't ask questions, never wonder why
What is true is not what you've heard
Mangled in deception, reality's blurred

Bite the hand that feeds
No purpose in life, just spread the human seed
We cant escape our imminent fate
No new life awaits

Consuming their poison, in the air we breathe
You sit back and watch their plan succeed
Born without a voice, no one speaks up
Never had a choice, the bodies pile up

No life awaits
Track Name: Desolate
Nothing left to take out
When it all runs out
Drain the world dry
No chance to survive

Bait the traps for the weak
Consume the power that you seek
So easy when exempt from blame
The cycle continues, an endless game

What is the next excuse
To justify power abuse
Total extinction, our sealed fate
No defense in a police state
Ignored uproars, silenced cries
Only lies, we continue to buy
Civilization crumbles down
Only footprints will be found

Nothing left to take out
When it all runs out
Drain the world dry
No chance to survive